On 16-18th October, in Krakow, POLAND, the new event has been created as the result of cooperation AGH University of Technology, Malopolska County Authorities and by inspiration of Greg Augustyn. Intelligent Building Technology and Multimedia Management  – IBTMM 2013 world conference and event was organized for the first time, derived from previous INBUS (Intelligent Building Systems) conference. This time audio-visual systems of any kind played a major role in this event. Poland had not have any events up to that time regarding ProAV and residential technology which can seriously take on connection between smart building and AV applications in areas like education, healthcare, public institutions, residential and industry itself. IBTMM took advantage of being the first event of this kind in this part of Europe, engaging great sponsors present on the Polish and neighbourhood markets like Kramer, COMM-TEC, NEC, Gefen, SLX, AMX, ESS-Audio, BOSCH, AVAYA, Hewlett- Packard with a great variety of products, supported by their brands and presence of Crestron, RTI, iRoom, BARCO and Projection Design. Also local manufacturers and over 400 participants in total actively joined many great lectures, trainings and accompanied events.

As the market grows there is a great need for the knowledge coming from different, sometimes opposite directions. And this was the idea to meet different worlds – science, architecture, integrators and manufacturers, users – and understand each other needs and opportunities. Creating Multimedia Management Conference was a key to show how important role it plays in today’s world of technology and smart buildings development. We could see it on the Key Speaker lectures where Prof. Derek Croome gave a great overview of modern technologies and future directions, CEDIA guest – Krystian Zajac, presented the future directions in residential buildings in the field of AV/IT integration. Product presentations and case studies, including guided tour over the modern and newly build with the latest technology Jagiellonian University Campus in Krakow was one of the daily attractions and activities of the event and conference.

To fulfill the picture two major events has been added to this conference. One of them was a Great Evening Gala in Salt Mine Wieliczka (UNESCO listed Salt Mine explored and accessed for public) where, except tour and reception dinner with awarding sponsors and partners, the most exceptional show was presented. INTERVERSUM – the title for this show is interactive projection mapping created 135meters under ground in one of the biggest and 37m tall chamber of Salt Mine. Never done before, it was the first time when it was presented.  A rocket science multimedia technology with 4K and huge lumen output projectors, 3D irregular chamber modeling and truly exceptional content presenting the ancient history and guiding visitors to the present times with accompanying music and sound effects. Almost 360 degrees chamber mapping showed that impossible is just a another limit we can cross with the goods of modern AV technology.

The last but not least, on the 3rd day of conference Smart Key contest awards was announced. Smart Key contest developed by Greg Augustyn was aimed in its first edition to reward and give recognition to the most advanced smart buildings recently developed in Poland. And also to show that in this part of the Europe we can also meet great designs and really integrated buildings. The great level of integration and application of variety of systems in modern architecture resulted in three awards for VINCI corporate projects, ARLAMOW spa and resort and Jagiellonian University Campus as the representation of smart building in education.

IBTMM 2013 was the first but not the last one as over those 3 days we saw the great need for expanding and evolving the idea which had been created. There is much more to expect in the future especially that we are in front of constantly changing world and AV plays really a major role in the world of technology.



Grzegorz Augustyn


Ul. Środkowa 82

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